About JMR

Established in 1987, JMR Software is an independent South African company, with strong international roots and relationships (particularly in the UK) that are built on our integrity, expertise, capability, and years of successful delivery. For over thirty years we’ve been delivering technology-led change that helps our clients to improve performance and support their business in doing more with less.

JMR Values

Our competitive edge is embedded in the can-do spirit of our people combined with high levels of technical expertise and a strong business understanding. We also have a shared philosophy, a system of beliefs that is applied daily and ensures our cohesion and forward momentum.

  • Our business exists to serve you, not vice versa
  • You, are our clients, and not faceless corporations, but people
  • Your success is our principal driver for being
  • We constantly measure and improve our standards to improve our service to you
  • We recognise that you constantly need new, innovative services and solutions
  • You will receive the highest standards of business ethics and corporate governance
  • Our retention of highly skilled resources is a market differentiator
  • Our instinct for basic fairness underpins all our activities with you and our decision-making
  • Finally, we give back to our society by contributing to the well-being of fellow South Africans

"We firmly believe that by adhering to these principles, will we both prosper and play a significant role in your business."

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