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The emergence of the digital customer, who demands services available anywhere and anytime at the click of a button, has been one of the main engines for digital transformation. JMR Software understands that isolated digital transformation solutions are usually not sustainable and cannot meet the requirements in terms of customer focus and efficient business processes. Digital signatures are integral if true digital transformation is going to take place. JMR Software developed eeziSign, our digital signature solution that enables your business to set up documents that can be electronically signed anywhere in the world in just seconds.

It is an efficient, elegant, easy to use mobile and 100% web-based solution. It doesn’t require scanning, electronic signature pads or digital certificates. There is no need to download, install or configure software. All you need is a web browser, a cell phone, smart phone or tablet and an internet connection. It’s as easy as visiting a web page. It will enable your company and customers to sign documents electronically at a fraction of the cost of any other solution.

Why eeziSign is the right solution for you?

The time taken to get paper documents signed and returned often takes days, can be fraught with issues and lead to costly delays. eeziSign is easy to use and speeds up document approval from days to seconds. eeziSign is platform independent and enables you to set up documents that can be digitally signed online in real time. Fully auditable, it enables faster more secure approval, as well as reducing cost for print, postage and removes the uncertainty of delivery failure.

Exchanging your manual, paper-based processing with automated, digital signing  processes will enable your organization to significantly reduce time and costs associated with reviewing and signing documents, while decreasing your ecological footprint.

eeziSign doesn’t require electronic signature pads or other hardware devices.  All you require is a browser, mobile phone and an internet connection –  it’s that simple.

eeziSign is easily integrated into your existing business-critical applications and delivers an enterprise-scale, white labelled solution, for capturing digital signatures as part of your overall business processes. Automating your end-to-end digital signing process, whilst maintaining full auditability, will provide many benefits to your organization.

The ability to streamline the process of loading of documents, adding signatories and completing the signing procedure digitally, will enable you to speed up the authorization process, saving you significant time and money, in a secure and safe environment.

Digital security is critical as more processes are driven online and we have designed eeziSign to use PKI encryption, with two-step authentication. Other security considerations include all email links being encrypted with a unique link and you can deactivate mobile devices, while somebody tampering with documents invalidates signatures. eeziSign also complies with the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002 (ECTA).

eeziSign offers many features and benefits including:

  • Faster authorisation of critical documents, saving time, money and resources
  • A branded digital signature solution for your organisation
  • Easy integration with existing applications through an API
  • A cloud-based solution with an easy to use management dashboard
  • The ability to produce legally binding digital signatures
  • eeziSign also complies with the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002 (ECTA)
  • Signature tracking status with one click
  • PKI encryption, but also contains other security fail-safes
  • Comprehensive audit trails
  • Comprehensive business information stats
  • Can be used for internal processes, external contracts, multiple signatories in different countries
  • Reduce your carbon footprint with no more printing and scanning of documents by multiple parties
  • Move towards a paperless office less storage requirements, ink and paper usage reductions
  • Bandwidth usage reduced as documents retain their original footprint

eeziSign-Sign is JMR Software’s own locally built solution with unique features and therefore has an advantage over other solutions to offer our customers the following benefits:

  • Can be easily customised and integrated with your existing business applications
  • Local Support to provide bug fixes, enhancements, customisation and system integration
  • Pricing is more competitive

Which eeziSign deployment is best for me?

There are three ways in which we typically deploy eeziSign for our clients:

The cloud-based solution is for individuals in small or medium size businesses that sign a limited number of documents annually.

  • System is used for convenience, in the cloud, and document storage is your responsibility
  • We do retain the documents for a limited period at no cost
  • Longer document storage is available with an associated period-based storage cost
  • Highly secure data cloud storage

The enterprise solution is ideal for companies that want complete control of the system and to take full responsibility for the management of data.

  • System installed on-site within your network architecture and security environment
  • Configured and customised as per your requirements, including white labelling
  • Provide integration to other systems
  • Unlimited document signing functionality

The hybrid solution is a combination of the cloud and enterprise solutions. We will host and manage a dedicated server and database for you within our environment.

  • System configured and customised as per your requirement, including white labelling
  • Unlimited document signing functionality
  • Storage and archiving of documents
  • Our software is designed to easily integrate with your existing Business Applications

JMR Software’s eeziSign solution can enhance your competitive edge and maximises your chance of success!

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