JMR Software BITSHIFT Solution guarantees results

BITSHIFT solution is based on a comprehensive data migration framework, easily tailored, for the delivery of complex data migration projects. Our robust approach is delivered by data migration experts, supported by a proven methodology, solid governance and underpinned by our unique data migration application.

What makes BITSHIFT unique?

Our fully managed, auditable, and technology agnostic data migration solution will drive your project through a proven 5 step process that:

  • Enables high levels of automation
  • Protects your customer data using obfuscation
  • Tightly maps your data throughout each stage of the process
  • Produces highly detailed, bespoke reports
  • Delivers unique and detailed data reconciliation at every stage

Why is BITSHIFT the right solution for you?

Ultimately, as new technology advances at pace the need to migrate data quickly, efficiently and with minimum risk grows. Our tools, methodology and expertise ensure that we can significantly reduce your risk. BITSHIFT mitigates business and IT risk by providing you with greater control and visibility of your data in flight.

At JMR we are highly experienced in successfully delivering complex data migration projects, particularly in the insurance sector. Not only do we have the tools, methodology and expertise, but we also have a unique data migration application that along with our proven approach guarantees success in data migration projects.

JMR Software is so confident with our offering that once we have carried out an initial assessment and mapping of data sources, we will offer a fixed price, fixed time service with guaranteed delivery of your data migration project.

For over thirty years JMR Software has been delivering technology-led change and time after time we have exceeded our clients’ expectations, we have a 100% success rate of delivering on time and at a fixed price.

JMR Software’s BITSHIFT solution, with its 100% delivery track record, can ensure we minimise your risk and maximises your chance of success!

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