Lean Portfolio Manager

Position: Lean Portfolio Management Support Resource

Contract Period: 6 months


1. Establish a Lean Portfolio Office.

2. Facilitate an iterative planning process.

3. Develop and facilitate execution framework to improve execution & delivery.

4. Provide Lean Business case services.

5. Offer Reporting Services.

6. Manage resource allocation where applicable.

7. Drive transformation management to promote a common theme across the organization.

8. Provide Change Management services.

9. Foster a culture of end-to-end delivery and accountability with delivery leads.

10. Translate strategy into a portfolio of work and facilitate execution.

11. Manage and facilitate a process to handle resource and budgetary constraints.

Type of Person:

1. Senior-level experience, preferably in financial services.

2. Ability to translate strategy into execution frameworks and best practices to ensure a high level of confidence in success.

3. Experienced in running and/or establishing a portfolio office.

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