Scrum Master

Key Performance Objectives

  • Ensure that all Scrum events (such as Sprint Planning, Daily Standup, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective) are effectively planned, organized, and facilitated. The Scrum Master helps the team understand the purpose of these events and ensures they follow the prescribed time-boxes and guidelines.
  • Guide the development team on the principles and practices of Scrum. Help the team members understand their roles and responsibilities within the framework. Provide coaching on self-organization, cross-functionality, and continuous improvement.
  • Identify and address any obstacles or impediments that are hindering the team’s progress. The Scrum Master works to eliminate roadblocks that prevent the team from achieving their sprint goals and overall objectives.
  • Protect the team from external disruptions and unnecessary interference. This involves maintaining a productive work environment and ensuring that the team can focus on delivering value without distractions.
  • Foster a culture of collaboration and open communication within the team. Encourage knowledge sharing, cooperation, and transparency among team members, stakeholders, and the Product Owner.
  • Keep track of relevant Agile metrics, such as velocity, lead time, and cycle time. These metrics help the team understand their performance and make informed decisions for improvement.
  • Guide the team in conducting regular retrospectives to reflect on their processes and identify areas for improvement. The Scrum Master helps the team implement changes that lead to increased efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Collaborate with the Product Owner to ensure that the product backlog is well-maintained, refined, and prioritized. The Scrum Master helps bridge communication gaps between the development team and the Product Owner.
  • Encourage the development team to self-organize and make decisions collectively. The Scrum Master empowers the team to take ownership of their work and determine the best approaches for delivering value.
  • Promote a better understanding of Agile principles and the Scrum framework across the organization. The Scrum Master helps teams outside of their own understand how to work effectively within an Agile context.
  • Adapt Scrum practices and processes to fit the specific needs and circumstances of the team and organization, while still adhering to the core principles of Agile and Scrum.
  • Demonstrate the values of openness, courage, commitment, focus, and respect that are emphasized in the Agile Manifesto. The Scrum Master sets the tone for the team’s behaviour and attitude.


  • Produce regular status reports on a weekly and monthly basis or as agreed with the stakeholders
  • Adhoc reporting

Stakeholder Relations

  • Establish and maintain the necessary relationships with project stakeholders
  • Provide specialised and technical support to internal and external stakeholders to ensure achievement of project objectives
  • Establish and monitor healthy, diverse internal and external relations and implement remedial actions where required, in the achievement of functional goals
  • Ensure SLAs are complete and available, and escalate deviations to relevant parties
  • Ensure effective communication between stakeholders


  • Certified Scrum Master

Experience / Skills

  • Minimum of 5-8 years’ experience working as a dedicated Scrum Master
  • Solid knowledge of project management methodologies
  • Proven ability to effectively work across teams at all levels
  • Good financial/insurance business experience

Preferred Technical Competencies

  • Scrum Master experience
  • Business Process knowledge in the health sector
  • General IT Process knowledge
  • Knowledge and Experience of SDLC Methodology
  • Verbal / Written / Presentation – Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skill

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