Senior Specialist: User Experience (UX) Designer

The ideal candidate will possess a skill set that encompasses both UX and UI.

Utilize strong design system thinking, feature scoping, UX concepting and wire-framing capabilities, and UI architecture skills to:

  • Understand the organisational strategy and goals in order to create a UX strategy and vision that ensures strategic alignment. Ensure the organisation’s vision of what they want users to experience become a reality while aligning to the design principles.
  • Plan and execute user research using the appropriate research techniques to gather qualitative and quantitative data to evaluate effectiveness of solutions and to uncover user needs and goals. Summarise research findings in order to make recommendations
  • Create simple experimental models of a proposed solution to test or validate ideas, design assumptions and other aspects of its conceptualisation in order to make appropriate refinements or possible changes.
  • Understand the steps a user takes to achieve a goal or outcome. Break down the high-level user experiences and flows into detailed activities.
  • Understand and synthesis results of experience analytics over time in order to make improvement recommendations based on data. Use best practice UX measurement framework to recommend and/or setup organisational UX measurement framework.
  • Conduct ideation workshops with the view to (co)-create new and innovated ideas as per the defined problem statement
  • Create screen blueprints to portray the structure and flow of possible design solutions reflecting user and business needs
  • Plan and execute various techniques to understand how information flows and presents its, considers the information hierarchy and layout.
  • Create and manage the organisational IA strategy including structure, labeling, navigation and search systems based on research and iteration with end users/clients
  • Develop graphical user interfaces for all human-machine interactions as per the user journeys and prototypes
  • Manage the corporate design system, the single source of truth which groups all the design elements aiding to design and develop digtial products together, within a Design System Manager (DSM)
  • Perform design reviews and/or audits to assess whether designs meet its agreed-upon design objectives and to identify usability problems, and suggest iterative improvements

Key/ critical tasks that the candidate will be involved in on a regular basis:

  • Work with agile feature teams to take features from whiteboard to concepts, to wireframes, to user journeys, high fidelity prototypes and implementation.
  • Work closely with Product Owner, business stakeholders, technical leads and developers and end-users to define requirements, design solutions and implement the final product.
  • Work in a team-oriented environment while also being self-motivated and working independently.
  • Contribute to ways of working and best practice UX & UI design methods.


  • Preferred: Postgraduate degree in user experience design or a relevant consumer behaviour, market research, psychology or business/product development field.
  • Accepted: Advanced Diploma in user experience design or a relevant consumer behaviour, market research, psychology or business/product development field.


  • 3-5 years’ experience in a similar environment
  • Technology environment: Salesforce, Design tools: Sketch, Azure, Invision, Whiteboards

Gauteng, South Africa Remote

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