How to avoid a data breach?

A data breach does long-lasting and significant damage to a company’s reputation. And they are on the increase with  cyber attacks continuing to grow 40% globally in 2016.

A recent study by the Ponemon institute and IBM Security offers some disturbing results with organisations in South Africa, India and Brazil most likely to experience a material data breach involving 10 000 or more records over the next 24 months. The study suggested that South African companies will have a 41% probability of being attacked.

Identify patterns and methods of cyber attacks

With cyber attacks growing Jerome Benting, Account Executive of JMR Software provides advice for ITWeb readers “With every attack there’s something to be learnt, and businesses are well advised to build on the basics (which are oddly enough often neglected) by perfecting processes to develop a more solid and offensive security detection and intrusion policy that can best counter any possible data breaches. Identifying patterns and methods of attack will always be an ongoing task, so investing in the necessary proactive technology is a positive step in the right direction.”

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