JMR Awarded partner of the year from Zephyr

Winning move for JMR

Mike Richards receiving the Zephyr Partner of the year award

Zephyr is a highly respected developer of advanced terminal emulation and legacy application integration solutions for Microsoft Windows. Mike Richards, CEO of JMR Software, was presented with the Business Partner of the Year Award at the Zephyr Sales Conference, held in London, in January 2011.

JMR Software began its journey with Zephyr in 2006, and in doing so, became the South African distributor of PASSPORT, along with other international distributors based across Europe, Germany and Latin America.

Through its PASSPORT family of host access products, Zephyr provides connectivity services to leading organisations worldwide. South African clients include First National Bank and Wesbank. In today’s economy, most large z/OS companies are reducing IT budgets or trying to gain more value from existing resources.

Reducing costs; improving compliance

Zephyr can help by offering an enterprise licence program (ELP) for its terminal emulation and legacy integration solutions that not only lowers host access costs by up to 70%, but also eliminates time-consuming licence compliance problems and audits. If your organisation uses Attachmate or IBM terminal emulation or host integrations solutions for Microsoft Windows, Zephyr’s PASSPORT family of TN3270E, TNS5250E and VT host access solutions are a great alternative.

To ease the transition from Attachmate EXTRA! or Reflection, or IBM Personal Communications or Host On-Demand, to Zephyr Passport, free macro conversion is provided. Conversion tools for user configuration tools are also available. Further, most screen scraping applications that have been written for either an Attachmate or IBM term mal emulator, should work with PASSPORT with little or no changes.

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