Reconciliation Key to Data Migration Success

Moving data can be complex, challenging and add high levels of risk to an overall migration or implementation project. However, a successful data migration can enable companies to gain valuable business benefits such as increased productivity, reduced costs and greater customer satisfaction.

Yet, for those of you who have ever undertaken a data migration project, you’ll already know how critical the effective reconciliation of data is to overall project success. It’s widely recognised that a high proportion of IT projects fail, but a white paper on data migration published by Bloor Research found that there was a 38% failure rate of data migration projects.

Plotting the ‘Happy Path’

There are many things that can contribute to data migration project failure including late planning, but for this article we are focusing on data reconciliation. All too often in projects the ‘happy path’ is plotted and generally involves perfection in every element, including the use of small amounts of high quality and complete data.

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