Things to Consider when your Insurance Platform is the Backbone of your Business

What do you need to consider when recognising that your insurance platforms form the backbone of your insurance business? What strategy should you consider when deploying them and what questions do you need to ask when migrating to a new system?

Dane Richards, CTO of JMR Software recently presented on ‘Platforms: The Backbone of Insurance Technology’ at COVER Magazine’s Insurtech 2020 Conference at the Venue, Melrose Arch in Johannesburg.

After covering some of the frequent pains experienced by clients moving off legacy applications Dane’s talk finished with encouraging insurers to look to create open environments and embrace running multiple platforms, while ensuring tight security. Yet as more data is finding its way into the cloud he also urges companies to own their data and know early on what they can get access to. Finally, when implementing a new system at some point something is likely to break, so practice failures and find remedies early.

Watch the full presentation here.

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