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JMR Software is a BBBEE Level 2 contributor, this achievement reflects our commitment to transformation in South Africa, with a particular focus on investments in corporate social responsibility, skills development and employment equity.

We are sincere and intent on creating a meaningful black empowered company that embraces the challenges and opportunities of black economic empowerment that is socially uplifting. We want to show all South Africans the positive ripple effects of our initiatives from an individual level all the way through to making the country a better place.

We are committed to development that is sustainable throughout our business. This begins with the development of our employees and extends to the communities around our operations and throughout our country. We endeavour to ensure that the communities in which we live and work benefit from our investment and show how we value these communities through unique partnerships. 

These are some of the long-standing initiative we support in our quest to make a real difference.

The Haven Care Centre

JMR Software has been supporting The Haven Care Centre since 2005. JMR assists their call centre with the majority amount of their IT Systems i.e. PABX Maintenance, Computer Systems, VOIP System & Internet Connection costs. The call centre is based in an office on the premise where various fundraising teams conduct their campaigns and collect donations for the Care Centre and Projects they run.

The Haven Care Centre has always focused on the wellbeing of children and families that really need the support both financially and emotionally. Focusing on enhancing the lives of underprivileged individuals is their priority.

They have a skills development venture (Social Economic Development) “Liddle Haven Skills Development & Training Centre” that assists underprivileged individuals with a form of skill to help provide for their family. These skills include: Woodwork, Steel Work, Sewing, Computer Tech & Agriculture (Seedlings).

Other projects include:

  • Taking care of abused women & children including families that have been left destitute. Housing, feeding and providing work for approximately 80 people per day.
  • Supplying Food Hampers to pensioners & identified families. 
  • The Day-care Centre in Daveyton Peanuts Educare is solely reliant on The Haven Care Centre for food & extra funding required.
  • Feeding Scheme-Soup Kitchen is an initiative where The Haven Care Centre goes to schools and provide a hot meal and bread to 60 underprivileged children.  This is an ongoing project where schools are randomly selected. They have also identified families in poverty-stricken areas and attempt to assist with food parcels, clothing and wherever possible. They are hoping to expand their operation.

SOS Children's Villages

JMR has been supporting SOS Children’s Villages since 2006. Assisting SOS Children’s Villages in covering their ICT costs and helping them to continue to operate efficiently and ensure their programmes run optimally. SOS Children’s Villages is an independent, non-governmental, social development organization.  They strive to attain our vision that each child should belong to a family and grow with love, respect and security. They pride themselves on building families for children in need, helping them shape their own futures and sharing in the development of their communities.

They lovingly work with children who have lost parental care or children at great risk of losing parental care. They provide alternative care in eight villages to children who have lost parental care and also assist vulnerable families in communities through Family Strengthening Programmes. Approximately 5000 children currently benefit from the eleven areas of operation of SOS Children’s Villages across South Africa. SOS Children’s Villages South Africa was first established in 1984.

Learnership Program

JMR Software has been contributing to unemployed Learnerships since 2015. Assisting 6 unemployed and disabled candidates with a one-year learnership and a learner allowance that gets paid to the learner per month for 12 months. This worthy cause enables unemployed and disabled candidates to have better employment opportunities after completing the learnership. This Improves on their job performance so that the candidates are able to do certain tasks relevant to the job.

Once the learners are found competent in the full qualification, they obtain a nationally recognised qualification that is relevant to the sector. This initiative allows growth through enhancing skills. The more skills gained by the unemployed candidate, the greater the productivity and the more meaningful the individual’s contribution to South Africa’s global competitiveness and to creating an environment conducive to investment.

We are proud to have partnered with these organisations over the years. In addition to these long-standing partnerships with the above organisations we have partnered with various worthy causes on an ad-hoc base.

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