Clayton Naude

JMR Software Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that Dane Richards has recently been appointed […]

JMR partners with Metermatic to provide COVID-19 solution that safely screens and monitors employees, visitors

A UK-based financial services firm has streamlined its operations, reduced overheads and improved customer service

DGC Glass is an auto glass replacement company that is revolutionising the South African windscreen

JMR Software’s insurance subject matter expert Jake Solomon explains the significance of recent changes to

In this latest IT Web article Dane Richards, CTO of JMR Software says that insurance

An insurance platform is the mainstay of any insurer or broker. It beats at the

The world we live and work in is shifting and advances in technology are changing

What do you need to consider when recognising that your insurance platforms form the backbone

Dane Richards CTO at JMR Software is speaking at this year’s InsureTech 2020 in regard

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