Cloud Consultant


  • The Cloud Facilitator is responsible for accelerating the companies cloud onboarding process to support the entity transformation and key business projects to help accelerate cloud adoption and migration.
  • The incumbent will work closely with Cloud product teams, vendors and company entities to identify the support required to quickly enable projects and business teams to use cloud products and solutions. They will support the introduction of new technologies, cloud and Agile practices and to enable business applications and data in the cloud.
  • The Cloud Facilitator is a project manager that has effective communication skills and is readily available and accessible to stakeholders while delivering on their project.
  • The Cloud Facilitator will also be responsible for being part of a cloud agile team in order to deliver requested solutions on Cloud platforms.


  • Deliver company Cloud products in line with the organization’s roadmap.
  • Participate in the implementation of Cloud native company global products.
  • People management skills, decision making, provide technical assistance and strategic direction for business.
  • Bring solutions within hybrid Cloud and on-premise environments.
  • Part of the Agile teams in the delivery of solutions.
  • Perform the requirements of the Scrum Master in terms of planning of PI’s, funnel and backlog requirements.
  • Manage dependencies and deliverables.
  • Create and update the outputs/documentation required as the Cloud Broker and the Scrum Master.
  • As a Scrum Master, hold teams/team members accountable for their commitments, removing roadblocks to their work; leveraging organizational resources to improve capacity for delivery.
  • Manage stakeholders with clear and timeous communication, facilitate the decision-making process and document accordingly, to meet Audit, Risk and other Governance requirements.
  • Work according to Cloud governance frameworks and ensure that the deliverables comply with all relevant delivery standards.
  • Prepare and distribute progress reports; manage risks and issues; correct deviations from plans; and perform delivery planning for assigned features.


Ideal candidate must have a good knowledge in the following technical skills:

  • Project Management (Infrastructure Projects Preferable)/ Scrum Master
  • Azure & AWS Architecture Frameworks & Best Practices.
  • DevSecOps software development lifecycle principles and the ability to apply knowledge in a dynamic environment using Agile methodologies to migrate applications to the cloud

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