Scrum Master


– Certified Scrum Master with a minimum of two years’ experience in a software development team practicing Scrum principles.

– Proficiency in Agile techniques including User Stories, TDD, Continuous Integration, and Automated Testing.

– Familiarity with modern software engineering practices and relevant technologies.

– Strong mentoring and coaching skills.

– Previous experience in Project Management or Team Leadership.

– Excellent communication, presentation, and facilitation abilities.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

– Serve and support the Product Owner and Development Team.

– Coach teams on Agile/Scrum practices and foster self-organization.

– Assess and elevate team and organizational Scrum maturity.

– Remove impediments and foster a safe environment for problem-solving.

– Facilitate meetings and communication within and across teams.

– Support Product Owner(s) in refining and managing the product backlog.

– Manage multiple Scrum teams and track project progress.

– Encourage Agile engineering practices and innovation.

Skills/Attributes Required:

– Proactive attitude with strong problem-solving skills.

– Ability to coach and mentor peers effectively.

– Highly organized and self-motivated.

– Skilled in servant leadership, facilitation, and conflict resolution.

– Passion for learning and staying updated on Agile methodologies.

– Responsible, humble, collaborative, and influential approach.

– Demonstrated pride in work and strong work ethics.

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