3 things to consider in data migration projects

Data migration a growing demand

Data continues to grow in volume, value and the velocity at which it is used. At the same time, organisations are being driven to adopt modern applications, with new functionality, by both business and user demands. With a focus on configuring and implementing the applications the mapping and migration of data can often be left late into the project.

A survey conducted by a UK-based financial services firm found that 77% of organisations deferred moving applications because data migration was too risky.

Based on years of experience the following are 3 key things that you need to consider when carrying out a data migration project.

Engaging the business

It is absolutely critical to get business buy in. It is their data and there will be many decisions that only they should make in regard to the data. Having the business fully engaged will ensure that the project moves faster and more smoothly. The business need to agree the data migration strategy and approach. Is big bang the best or a staged migration by book or line of business?

Mapping data

This is a crucial part of the project. To ensure data quality following the migration of data it is really important to take time to review and agree the mapping, particularly when you are moving to a news system. In the insurance sector we are also frequently having to map calculations and business rules, which adds further complication.

Data reconciliation and testing

Don’t wait till the end to test! All to often testing can be left until the final stages at which point it is so easy for things to get missed. You need to test after every stage of the process, after extracting the data, transforming it and loading it. Having higher visibility of all data throughout the process will help you to identify any data issues early and JMR’s data migration solution does just that to enable you to reduce the risk in your data migration project.

Through 2019, more than 50% of data migration projects will exceed budget and/or result in some form of business disruption due to flawed execution. Gartner

The impact of poor data migration on the business is costly. It impacts the confidence of the users in your new system, as well as frustrating your clients. We are data migration experts and have a unique solution to significantly reduce your risk.

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