Adding Value to Our Customers and Candidates

JMR Software assists with saving your business valuable time as we take care of the initial steps in the hiring process. We present only top calibre candidates perfectly matched to your set specifications. This is our area of expertise which means we are privileged to a wealth of contacts accumulated over the past 30 years and have access to high-level potential candidates that are hard to reach. We ensure your time is spent wisely on viewing those candidate’s worth considering. For South African businesses who adhere to BEE requirements, JMR Software’s BEE level 2 status makes us a relevant partner who values equity and transformation.

  • Financial IT Experts in the industry for over 30 years
  • We are in the IT industry and therefore understand IT
  • We understand employer needs, candidate expectations, and the impacts of supply and demand
  • Give businesses the benefit of increasing or decreasing their employee levels as needed
  • Understanding type of candidate and qualifications required for the position
  • Unearth talent that companies can’t find themselves. The ‘ideal candidate’ is often the one who is not actively looking for a new job but would be open to one if the right opportunity presented itself
  • Insight in how to avoid hiring a bad candidate
  • Insight to who is looking for work, their capabilities and what sort of a salary expectations they have
  • Save you time, money and hassle by providing a shortlist, eliminating unsuitable matches
  • Assist with salary negotiation on behalf of both parties and agree on mutually acceptable packages
  • Conduct interviews on an employer’s behalf, adding insight through our experience in the hiring process
  • Conduct background checks on candidates, alleviating these time-consuming tasks
  • We have strong networks and a better idea of where to find industry expert offering them better opportunities and offering you excellent calibre candidates

Contact us to access our wealth of resources and ensure your successful placement requirements are met.

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