Going green with eezi-Sign

Convenience is one of the key benefits of using electronic signatures, according to Adobe and eezi-Signcreator, JMR Software, which believes its solution offers users just that.

Virgilio Peneda, a partner at JMR Software, describes the solution as the first locally developed product of its kind in SA that allows users to sign documents quickly and easily, without ever having to physically print the document. The Web-based solution lets users electronically sign a document in seconds, using a Web browser, cellphone and an Internet connection. JMR Software has also developed an eezi-Sign iPhone and iPad app, which allows users to sign documents from any location.

According to Hendrik Strydom, CTO at JMR, the process is simple. He explains that the document that needs signing must first be uploaded onto the eezi-Sign system before those who are required to sign it are notified via e-mail that they have an outstanding document to sign. Strydom explains that the user then logs in, reads the document and can sign once the authentication process has been completed.

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