JMR Partners with Metermatic to Provide COVID-19 Solution

JMR partners with Metermatic to provide COVID-19 solution that safely screens and monitors employees, visitors while keeping meticulous records

MR Software Pty Ltd is pleased to announce its partnership with Metermatic Pty Ltd, which has enabled the development of a comprehensive COVID-19 Team Scanner solution.

This system is built on the premise of ensuring a safe working environment with its non-touch functionality, and coupled with its information-gathering and record-keeping capability, it enables businesses to keep in line with government regulations effectively and efficiently.

The South African government has eased its lockdown restrictions, opening most businesses for trade. By dropping to a lower COVID restriction level one, government has attempted to encourage staff to return to work and hopefully kickstart a very depressed economy. Simultaneously, it has highlighted the importance of safety measures and therefore imposed strict guidelines for employers that aim to mitigate the risk of exposure to employees and ensure a safer workplace environment.

The Team Scanner solution has been specially developed to allow returning employees or visitors to be safely and swiftly scanned and monitored, while its information-gathering and record-keeping capability enables businesses to keep in line with government regulations effectively and efficiently.

Dane Richards, CTO at JMR Software, says: “As nations around the world continue to fight the worst pandemic for over 100 years, and the fact that COVID-19 could be here to stay, we identified the need for a comprehensive and real-time monitoring solution. JMR developed the backend software solution for Team Scanner that transfers data collected via GSM to a database on a client portal for analysis, real-time monitoring and to maintain an audit trail.

“Working with Metermatic and becoming an official partner has led us to create a great solution to assist in the effective implementation of infection control. And one that mitigates the many challenges for organisations involved in collecting, collating and keeping record of COVID-19 monitoring data.”

The solution combines the use of non-contact scanner technology, once a large order is created, engineered by Metermatic, that captures the employee or visitor screening results safely, swiftly and effectively by reading the IDs, RFID tags, biometrics or any barcode-type image as a unique identifier. Users then answer a series of yes/no questions developed by hovering their hand over the scanner, and a forehead scan will detect their temperature. The unit also ensures users’ hands are sanitised before they enter your building.

Data captured by the scanner is transferred to a secure portal, developed by JMR Software, for analysis and management reporting. Offering cloud-based track and trace capabilities ensures that employers will remain government compliant and have ready access to pertinent information if required. A COVID-19 Positive Map of the country is also displayed where you can drill down to identify COVID-19 hot spots at a glance.

“We founded our business on the ability to engineer solutions that work in the most hazardous conditions. Right now, the world is going through the most challenging times and it has been fantastic to be able to work with JMR Software to demonstrate our innovative capability to rapidly develop a tailor-made COVID-19 solution that meets strict government guidelines,” says Leon Maritz, General Manager, Metermatic Pty Ltd.

As organisations continue to work hard to meet government guidelines and avoid hefty fines, the implementation of infection control in busy office, retail, educational, hospitality, transport, manufacturing, and other working environments is a significant challenge. The Team Scanner solution provides a non-contact solution that provides real-time data and alerts to keep the workplaces safe.

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JMR Software has been helping its customers across all sectors of the market to deliver technology that keeps pace with their demands for over 30 years. Established as an independent South African company, JMR Software also has strong international roots and relationships (particularly in the UK) that are built on integrity, expertise, capability and years of successful delivery.

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Metermatic (Pty) Ltd, is a South African company based in Johannesburg, primarily involved in the design, development and manufacturing of electronic equipment used in hazardous locations within the petrochemical industry. Products include electronic flow computers, sealed parcel delivery systems and various electronic sensors and software. Metermatic holds an IECEx QAR accreditation for the manufacturing of IECEx certified equipment and ATEX QAN accreditation for the manufacturing of ATEX certified equipment. We have also received a Chinese NEPSI approval for our SPD system.

The Metermatic team is known for providing innovative, progressive products and systems designed around and tailor-made to customer and market requirements. Our Research and Development division’s in-depth industry knowledge and flexible approach allows us to create products and systems integrating the most advanced technology whilst entirely meeting our customer needs and requirements.

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